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On 26th October 2018, is Day for Daniel. A national day of action to raise awareness of child safety. Children ages 3 to 8 years of age can take part in an interactive lesson that will teach children that their…
As part of Australia's proposal to tackle the obesity epidemic, children's height and weight will be measured every 2 years unless parents opt out. The data collected could map child obesity around Australia and target where the problems are worse.
SA Healthy Deputy chief medical officer, Associate Professor Nicola Spurrier, confirmed that children attending childcare or preschool had a higher risk of getting more infections than children who do not attend as children's hygiene is not very good which makes…
Kelly James, from Brisbane, was excited to receive her son's school photos but was disappointed when she noticed that the photos had been edited beyond recognition from her son's normal facial features.
Parents were surprised when their child (in prep) arrived home with a star award, praising the parents for sending their child a healthy lunch, consisting chopped up carrot, apples, cucumber and cheese and pikelets, which met all the nutritional requirements.
Bill Shorten's Labor Government announced that they would waive upfront fees for students studying a childcare qualification from TAFE.
This is a friendly reminder for Educators and ECT's to check your pay to ensure you are currently being paid the updated minimum wage, as of 01 July 2018, which includes the 3.5% increase.
As school children look forward to their six-week summer school holidays, experts believe that the holidays are to be blamed for the child obesity epidemic and suggest summer holidays to be shortened.
Pediatricians are warning Parents and Carers that baby walkers are safety hazards, even though they are used by babies to gain independence before learning to walk.
A six-year-old boy in Kindergarten, from Western Australia was recently suspended from school for stealing another child's cookie in the playground.
A toddler from metropolitan Adelaide is currently in a serious condition after contracting meningococcal. Fears children from where the toddler attends childcare may also be infected with the disease.
The Guide To The National Quality Framework has recently been updated to reflect minor updates and changes to the National Law and Regulations.
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