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For children who are beginning to learn to write their names, this experience is a great way for children to practice writing their name with natural materials. 

Nature art see-through frames are a simple and creative art experience that enables children to create frames to view their natural environment. 

This is an excellent idea for children to create a keepsake of natural leaves they have collected from different types of trees. 

Leaf Lanterns

Category Art and Craft

Using recycled plastic bottles, these leaf lanterns are mess free and showcase the colours and shapes of different types of leaves around us. 

This quick art is easy and enables children to create their own fireworks with chalk. Children can create their own fireworks designs and colours to make their own unique fireworks display.

Celebrate Father's Day with this super simple craft activity with this paper plate necktie. Easy for babies and toddlers to create, fathers can wear their "unique" tie on Father's Day. Children can decorate, paint and create their very own special necktie for dad. A truly fun, simple and loving gift for dad! 

Popsicle stick coasters are a very cute gift that can be made by children of any age. Children can paint, colour, draw, tye dye, tape and design their very own coaster set for a loved one in their family. It's useful and practical and simple to do. 

Everyone has a phone and a very practical and easy gift for children to make is a DIY Mobile Holder. These can be given to dads on Father's Day and are very useful for dads to use at work or at home to hold their phones in. It's super simple to make and even babies and toddlers can decorate one for dad too! A great idea to gift dads this Father's Day. 

One of the easiest and most efficient gifts to give Dads, Grandpa, Brother, Uncles and all father figures in a child's life is a key ring. Almost everyone carries keys with them and key rings are a simple touch to remind them that they are loved! Using a child's drawing you can make a simple keyring out of it and gift it for Father's Day. A little piece of art that can be carried forever!

Handprint Bowl

Category Art and Craft

Using salt dough children can make this easy gift for Valentine's Day. They can be used to keep tiny objects like rings or keys or some other nick-nacks.

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