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Language Development for Preschoolers 4-5 Year Olds

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Language Development for Preschoolers 4-5 Year Olds

Preschoolers enjoy talking and are happy to tell their ideas or what they're thinking. They combine words with gestures and facial expressions to make their stories more believable and interesting. Words begin to flow easily and with little effort. During this age, preschoolers will have an endless amount of questions and seeks more detailed information about events or topics that interest them.

Language Development Milestones

  • understands the concepts (same and different)
  • speaks in sentences of 6 or more words
  • asks lots of questions
  • speaks clearly enough for others to understand
  • often ask the when, how and why questions
  • begins to use comparatives correctly (fast, faster, fastest)
  • able to Re-tell a story
  • repeats words with more syllables
  • enjoys engaging in pretend play
  • understand between two and three instructions
  • names familiar objects and animals
  • pays attention while listening to a story
  • correctly names and identifies shapes and colours
  • uses because and so correctly
  • speaks in sentences and use many different words
  • answers simple questions
  • tells stories
  • talks constantly
  • enjoys talking and may like to experiment with new words
  • uses adult forms of speech
  • takes part in conversations
  • enjoys jokes, rhymes and stories
  • will assert self with words
  • pronunciation of words are clear
  • uses many descriptive words while talking
  • enjoys telling stories
  • able to say own age
  • has a basic understanding of time (morning, afternoon, night)
  • begins to use more polite words while talking
  • uses language to tease and tell jokes
  • understands sequence of events
  • overall speech should be grammatically correct
  • uses future tense
  • tells longer stories
  • says name and address

A preschooler's speech and language becomes more complex from this age because of their broader vocabulary and a greater understanding of grammatical concepts while speaking. By the end of this stage preschoolers are able to express their ideas and feelings in detail. A preschooler enjoys talking and at times will never want to stop...

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