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Social and Emotional Development for Preschoolers 4-5 Year Olds

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Social and Emotional Development for Preschoolers 4-5 Year Olds Allcja

At this point preschoolers begin to interact effectively with others. Play becomes more innovative and organized and “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” begins to emerge. Preschoolers have developed an understanding for other’s feelings and become more sensitive. They will also want to be given more responsibility and enjoys helping out with chores... basically at this stage a preschooler is a mini adult.

Social and Emotional Development Milestones

  • compares their physical selves as well as their abilities with others
  • show understanding of what is accepted as good behaviour or what behaviour is bad
  • starts developing friendships
  • becomes more aware of other people's feelings
  • enjoys imaginative play with other children
  • starts showing an interest in gender differences
  • begins to tell on each other
  • enjoys playing with other children
  • may have a particular friend
  • shares, smiles and cooperates with peers
  • jointly manipulates objects with others
  • starts having best friends
  • able to understand and follow rules
  • likes to dance and sing
  • shows increasing independence
  • comprehends fantasy from reality
  • can be very demanding / bossy
  • co-operates easily with others
  • understands when someone is hurt and comforts them
  • shows stronger preference for same-sex playmate
  • enforces gender-role norms with peers
  • may show aggression with peers
  • likes to give and receive affection from parents
  • begins praise themselves and be boastful
  • wants to please friends
  • likely to agree to rules
  • shows independence

Preschoolers model the behaviour they observe and need to be encouraged to say please and thank you or even lend a helping hand. Opportunities will often arise where a preschooler may offer their help to do certain tasks or chores. This is a positive step in their behaviour. A preschooler needs to be told that what they are doing is right for re-assurance. For those around a preschooler it’s important to show socially acceptable interactions.

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