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Social and Emotional Development for Toddlers 2-3 Year Olds

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Social and Emotional Development for Toddlers 2-3 Year Olds Platinumblondlife5

Toddlers want to do more on their own and do not like it when you begin to establish limits on their behaviour. Tantrums can become frequent when a toddler can't get what they want. This is a natural part of their social and emotional development. Toddlers are also curious about other people and will tend to stare at anyone who attracts their attention.

Social and Emotional Development Milestones

  • are aware of their gender identity
  • be quite assertive and say no to adults' demands or instructions
  • starts to evaluate their behaviours as bad, good etc
  • begins to share and take turns
  • may be possessive about their toys
  • still need parents or familiar adult nearby for security and support
  • are aware of their feelings and of other people’s feelings
  • enjoys playing games with other children
  • watches other children playing and then join in the play for short periods of time
  • enjoys group activities such as singing and dancing
  • begins to mimic real life scenarios with dress ups or imaginative play
  • shows a variety of emotions
  • knows how to share and take turns
  • becomes interested in playing with other children around their age
  • uses imaginative play e.g. pretends to be at a restaurant
  • plays with other children
  • simple make believe play
  • may prefer same sex playmates and toys
  • unlikely to share toys without protest
  • learn to resolve conflicts with peers and adults
  • childhood fears may emerge (monster under the bed)
  • begins to understand other people's points of view
  • shows empathy
  • play simple group games
  • interacts acceptably with other's
  • separates easily from parents
  • expresses a wide range of emotions
  • objects to major changes in routine

Toddlers are developing a sense of their identity and increase for independence makes them increasingly determined to challenge rules. All it takes is a small disappointment for a toddler's self confidence to fail, sending them in need for a reassuring cuddle. Toddlers will begin to become more sociable, although contact with other children may begin in fighting over toys, before developing the social skills to learn to take turns and share.

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