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Gross Motor Development for Toddlers 2-3 Year Olds

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Gross Motor Development for Toddlers 2-3 Year Olds Abby Batchelder

Toddler advance and gains new skills in Gross Motor Development milestones achieved throughout earlier years. Co-ordination and challenges that could not be performed before such as hopping, skipping and balancing are now easier to attempt. Toddlers are more agile and athletic during this stage than before.

Gross Motor Development Milestones

  • jumps with both feet together
  • runs forward
  • attempt challenging balancing activities (walking along a balance beam)
  • climbs up and down ladders
  • slides and manoeuvres easily through playground equipment
  • carries an object while walking
  • walks up stairs alternating feet(often still using the rail for support)
  • stands on one foot, with support
  • walks on their tiptoes
  • ride a tricycle
  • kicks a ball forward
  • walks, runs, climbs, kicks and jumps easily
  • uses steps one at a time
  • squats to play and rises without using hands
  • catches ball rolled to him/her
  • walks into a ball to kick it
  • jumps from low step or over low objects
  • attempts to balance on one foot
  • avoids obstacles
  • able to open doors
  • stops readily
  • moves about moving to music:
  • able to balance on one foot (for a few seconds)
  • can carry out more than one physical task through improved co-ordination
  • sits in a chair during meal times
  • can throw and catch a ball (medium or large size)
  • climbs up and slide down a playground slide unassisted
  • throws and catches a ball easily
  • kicks a ball through improved balance
  • runs around objects in their path
  • climbs well
  • walks down stairs alone, placing both feet on each step
  • swings leg to kick ball
  • runs easily
  • pedals tricycle
  • bends over easily without falling

Not only are toddlers developing increased co-ordination and balance, due to gross motor skills at this age, there are also a number of physical body changes that toddlers will experience (such as height, neurological changes in the brain and weight). As a toddler grows and becomes leaner and more agile they are able to take part in physical activity for longer without tiring.

Created On January 5, 2015 Last modified on Monday, January 5, 2015
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