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Gross Motor Development for Preschoolers 4-5 Year Olds

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Gross Motor Development for Preschoolers 4-5 Year Olds Cordeliawl

At this age, preschoolers make big progress in gross motor skills such as running, jumping, balancing and climbing. Their movement becomes agile and more controlled and learning ability also begins to increase. This enables preschoolers to take part in a variety of activities.

Gross Motor Development Milestones

  • walk backwards
  • hop on one foot
  • jumps forward
  • walk up and down stairs (unassisted), using alternate feet
  • does somersaults
  • catches a ball with two hands
  • begins to jump rope
  • able to skip
  • begins to gallop
  • kicks a ball with control
  • hops and stands on one foot up to 5 seconds
  • goes upstairs and downstairs without support
  • kicks ball forward
  • throws ball overhand
  • catches bounced ball most of the time
  • moves forward and backward
  • uses riding toys
  • uses outdoor equipment confidently
  • balances and walks across a narrow line
  • skips on alternate feet
  • begins to ride a two wheeler bike
  • can easily throw, catch and kick a ball
  • enjoys learning simple rhythm and movement routines
  • dresses and undresses with little help
  • hops, jumps and runs with ease
  • climbs steps with alternating feet
  • gallops and skips by leading with one foot
  • transfers weight forward to throw ball
  • attempts to catch ball with hands
  • climbs playground equipment with increasing agility
  • stands on one foot for 10 seconds or longer
  • hops, somersaults
  • swings, climbs
  • may be able to skip

Preschoolers are much more confident with activities that involve gross motor skills. They are aware of their strength and balance and co-ordination are much greater. Preschoolers eagerly take part in games that encourage their kicking, catching and throwing skills and participating in positive playing experiences.

Created On January 5, 2015 Last modified on Monday, January 5, 2015
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