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Help baby to identify animals and their sounds.
Keep track of a toddler's vocabulary by using stickers.
A magnetic science experiment that helps a child to understand different objects that stick to magnets.
Develop baby’s listening skills and concentration by learning names of parts of the body with Simon Says.
A child will learn to aim and throw using wet sponges and a target.
This experiment will help you determine which liquid is the stickiest of all by doing a simple stickiness test.
A touchy feely sensory activity for baby without the mess.
Introduce different genres of music to baby with this simple activity.
Create a light ray with this science experiment.
This experiment is done in a dark room to teach a child about shadows.
A science experiment to try when a child's brushing their teeth.
By using tongs a child can strengthen their fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination.
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