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A new study reveals that primary schools are not giving children enough time to eat the food in their lunch boxes.

Eight NSW primary schools are participating in this trial extending school hours beyond the typical 9 am – 3 pm day. Participating schools will partner with community organisations, local businesses, and sporting clubs to offer activities for children at school outside 9 am and 3 pm, without any changes to school teaching hours.

It has been found that the NSW public-school infrastructure is of so low grade that students try to not use the toilets by not eating and drinking during the day. Students do not want to use their school’s “absolutely disgraceful” toilets due to this bad infrastructure.

It has been said in a report that many private schools in NSW are consuming lots of public money. It has been shown in the report that more than 36 schools are individually receiving more than sufficient funds than their requirements. It has also been said that these schools have received more than $1 million dollars individually in 2020. Needless to say, these are the wealthiest and most well-resourced schools in the state.

A group of parents expresses their concern that due to the use of mobile phones at recess time or at lunchtime, children are forgetting or hardly interested to face to face communication with their peers and thus resulting in a lack of socialisation.

Diversity is a complex matter to realise. We, adults, sometimes fail to accept diversity and remain constant with our preconceived notions. But the good news is that Australian parents are showing too much acceptability in understanding transgender and sexual diversity among children. The report suggests that Australian parents show supportive behaviour toward transgenders.

After Russia invades Ukraine, everywhere in the television news channels, or newspapers are reflecting the devastated, ruined condition of people and places. Children can sense that something going wrong. They are watching the brutality of war in newspapers, television, and even sense that in the conversation of adults. It is nearly impossible to keep the children unaware of this situation. These exposers, continuous heart-wrenching news create anxiety for children. Teachers can make them learn to be hopeful and they can grow a sense of thoughtfulness among the children and young people through honest discussion and developmentally appropriate activities.

A commendable and exemplary initiative has been taken in the schools of NSW by the inclusion of AUSLAN classes for students which is going to start from 2023. It will be offered to students from Kindergarten to Year 10. Auslan is a portmanteau of Australian National Sign Language which helps deaf people to communicate.

A perilous incident has taken place on 9th March, Wednesday, at a bus stop in the lane cove area, in Sydney's North Shore. A boy, 11 years old, a student of Lane Cove Primary school was allegedly attempted for abduction by an unknown person. The parents of the said boy reported this terrifying accident through Lane Cove West Primary School’s skoolbag app. Police also confirmed the news of this minacious activity. It is the boy’s witty action and intervention of another parent that stop the mishap from being conducted.

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