Development cluster - self reflection

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Development cluster - self reflection

Post by gigipigi » Fri Oct 14, 2022 2:12 pm

I have started working at my placement centre and currently finishing my Diploma in childhood education.

im really struggling to write journal entries for self - reflection and referring to ECA code of ethic and EYLF.
This is the question:

Keep a reflective journal while on vocational placement. A minimum of eight (8) reflections (entries) are expected. The intention is for you to gather insights that support and enrich your decision-making about what happens and why, and to reflect on what you might need to change or improve.
For this reason, each entry is not just a description of an event/experience. It may describe what was felt by the student and why; theoretical perspectives might be referred to; pedagogical practices can be critiqued as examples.
Using core professional documents – such as the ECA Code of Ethics and EYLF (principles and practices – pages 11-18) is expected, as they not only inform your professional practice, but also help you to reflect on what you have done well on Vocational Placement and what you still need to improve on.
Each entry will be dated. Each entry will also need to be cross-referenced to at least one of the above mentioned documents, as evidence they can match their pedagogy (practice) with professional documents (best practice)

Desperately needing help as im due for completion in 6 weeks

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Re: Development cluster - self reflection

Post by Lorina » Fri Oct 14, 2022 2:32 pm

Ok, so basically when you're on work placement each day (or for 8 days) keep a note of something that happened during the day that you could "reflect upon". It could be something as simple as noticing a child's interest for example - a child saw a spider in the garden, he started asking about spiders, he wanted to learn more information so you had a group discussion on spiders and over the course of a couple of days, the interest developed further. Or it could be something else like a fellow educator asked you not to do something and why and how you felt etc. So, any instances really...

In regards to linking to the Principles and Practices use this:

Principles And Strategies To Implement Them

Practices And Strategies To Implement Them

Just choose the ones that apply.

You can also link this:

ECA Code Of Ethics

So basically you're choosing an event that happened over the 8 days, writing about it, stating how you felt, changes you will make to improve and linking the Principles, Practices and Code Of Ethics.

Hope this helps!


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