Taking support to a meeting with the boss

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Taking support to a meeting with the boss

Post by Greenkookaburra » Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:33 pm

My daughter works in after school care. The provider recently lost the tender for one of their centres, so a number of staff will lose their jobs. My daughter went permanent during last year, so we don't know what her situation will be. But she has a meeting with the boss tomorrow, and has asked me to attend as her support. Can I ask, what I am able to do at the meeting? Should my daughter be able to consult me during the meeting for advice? Does the award have any rulings on the role of the support person? Can I take notes? Incidentally, there was an incident with one of the children recently, witnessed by my daughter. She will have to go to court as the educator who was privy to the child's confession. So she is wondering how the provider can support her in court if she is let go from her position.

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Re: Taking support to a meeting with the boss

Post by Lorina » Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:44 pm

Yes, you are able to attend the meeting as your daughter's support, however, the boss should be informed beforehand and they may refuse your daughter's request. A support person usually attends meetings during disciplinary actions but for common meetings, a support person may not be required or accepted by the boss.

Here is some more information:

Role Of Support Person

If your daughter's boss doesn't allow you to go to the meeting, go over some questions she can ask and get her to write down some notes as well. For any clarification, she can always consult you after the meeting then confirm once again with her boss.

In regards to going to court is she is terminated, I'm not sure, you may have to contact Fair Work Australia. A good question to ask during the meeting.


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