Shift allocation

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Shift allocation

Post by SusanParr » Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:27 am

Hi Fellow Educators.
Just enquiring about shifts and how we all cope. I am currently working 1 week of an early shift 6.30 to 2.30 then the next week a 10.30 to 6.30 shift. Myself and another staff are on rotation. We are both in our 50's and finding that our body clocks aren't adjusting to the change in hours from week to week. Both of us are experiecing burnout at some point..usually in the week of our later shifts. We have requested to add additional staff to create a 4 week rotating roster for open and close and have been told we don't have the staff to do it. We work with alot of casuals and our other diploma quals work either part time 3 days a week or can't do the shifts. We even asked if the CM and AM could share the shifts and were told no because they would not be there to suit and address the families needs. At our last staff meeting we again addressed this and were told to sort it out between us. To either do 3 months on and off with open and close or a full year fixed shift was suggested to make their rostering easier. šŸ˜”
Any opinions or thoughts on how to tackle this would be appreciated. Tired of being burnt out.

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Re: Shift allocation

Post by Lorina » Thu Feb 13, 2020 4:09 am

Hope you have settled well into your shift now.

It's hard to do shift work but I can assure you it does get easier. I think that for now, you can do 3 months on and off. At least one week you will start early then the next have a bit of a sleep in.

Regarding the burnout, make sure you look after yourself... as I said it does get easier.


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