Activities to improve children memory power?

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Activities to improve children memory power?

Post by star-little » Tue Feb 12, 2019 4:56 pm

Having a great memory can help your child do better in learning, perform well in school, and achieve better grades. Memory retention is a complicated process. We may need to use several methods in combination to enhance working memory. Here are some simple techniques that help you to train your children for better memory power.

(1) Encouraging your child to ask questions helps ensure he or she is developing a deeper comprehension of the topic. Make learning more engaging for your child by having discussions about different topics, asking your child what he or she thinks.

(2) Rhymes, songs and music are the the best sources of verbal exercises. Your child can use their voice to train their brain to remember and recall information.

(3) Connect all senses together. Color, shades, tastes, touch, language and imagination play an important role to improve short-term memory in children. Take a multi-sensory approach to learning by using sight, touch, and sound—read aloud, have a conversation or discussion.

(4) Give your child’s brain a nutritional boost. Fatty fish like salmon are an excellent source of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, both essential for brain growth and function. Egg are well-known as a great protein source. Berries and colorful veggies like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, spinach keep brain cells strong and healthy.

(5) Playing games to retain memory. Games are the best tools to enhance memory power in children. Through story telling, children will be able to remember important points of the story in memory and later recall it very quickly. Playing 【Where Are You??】 game will help to develop your kids’ memorizing skill, concentration and recognition abilities. Kids need to recognize different faces and emotions, memorize and match the same emotions. Download free at:
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Re: Activities to improve children memory power?

Post by Nandy84 » Wed Jun 08, 2022 7:04 pm


Above you have different ways to boost up a child's memory. Below there are some ways by which you can help your child improve working memory by building simple strategies into everyday life.

Let your child teach you.
Play cards.
Encourage active reading.
Chunk information into smaller bites.
Make it multisensory.
Help make connections.
Try games that use visual memory.
Engage in an active recall.
Encourage rehearse.

Hope this daily small activities will you to boost up your child's memory



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Re: Activities to improve children memory power?

Post by mainlymusic » Mon Oct 23, 2023 6:25 pm

Improving children's memory power can be both fun and educational. Here are some activities tailored for toddlers that incorporate music and movement to enhance memory development:

Musical Games:

Musical Chairs: Play a simple game of musical chairs, where toddlers need to remember which chair to sit in when the music stops. This game helps improve their short-term memory and decision-making skills.

Memory Melodies: Create simple songs or chants that include important information, such as their name, age, or address. Sing these tunes together to reinforce memory.

Simon Says:

Simon Says is a classic game that requires children to listen and remember instructions. Incorporate movements and actions to make it engaging. For example, "Simon says, touch your toes," or "Simon says, hop on one foot."
Memory Card Games:

Use memory card games specifically designed for toddlers. These games often feature pictures or simple words. Matching pairs of cards improves visual and spatial memory.

Encourage toddlers to participate in storytelling. Start a story, pause, and ask them to continue or repeat parts of it. This not only enhances memory but also nurtures their creativity and language skills.
Hide and Seek:

Play a toddler-friendly version of hide and seek. Hide objects around the house, and let the child remember and find them. You can even make it more engaging by playing soft music in the background while they search.
Movement and Memory:

Create a movement routine where toddlers have to follow a sequence of actions. For example, "Jump, clap, spin, and touch your toes." This can help them remember and execute a series of steps.
Rhymes and Songs:

Sing nursery rhymes and songs with repetitive lyrics. Repetition can help children remember the words and melodies.
Nature Scavenger Hunt:

Take a nature walk and challenge toddlers to find and remember different natural elements, such as leaves, rocks, or flowers. They can even collect them and describe what they found afterward.
Arts and Crafts:

Engage in art and craft activities where toddlers need to follow a sequence of steps. For example, making a simple paper craft or drawing a picture step by step.
Cooking Together:

Involve your child in simple cooking tasks, like making sandwiches or mixing ingredients for cookies. This can improve memory as they need to remember the order and details of the recipe.
Sensory Play:
Engage in sensory activities that involve touch, smell, and taste. Encourage your child to explore various textures and smells, helping them develop a multi-sensory memory.
Remember that these activities should be age-appropriate and adapted to your child's individual development. By integrating music and movement activities for toddlers, you can make memory-building exercises enjoyable for toddlers while nurturing their cognitive and physical skills.LINK

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