Promote aboriginal and torres strait islander cultural safety

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Promote aboriginal and torres strait islander cultural safety

Post by Ozer » Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:17 pm

I need help with questions on this unit
1. What is ur current understanding of aboriginals Torres straight Islander cultures in Australia ?

2. If you had the opportunity to ask an indigenous elder some questions about the culture what would they be ?

3. How will you ensure your own culture perceptions do not affect your work roles ?

4. What are the potential impacts on Aboriginal and torres straight Islander co-workers if we don’t change our cultural perceptions ?

5. What are some communication strategies we can use to encourage relationship with aboriginal torres straight Islander co workers ?

6. Who can you contact when you require accurate information regarding aboriginal Torres Strait island the people ?

7. What is an organisations duty of care in relation to providing interpreters to indigenous people ?

8. How can interpreters help communicate key messages to indigenous people ?

9. List five re-sources we could incorporate in the workplace to improve cultural safety ?

10. What are inclusive strategies ?

11. I culturally competent workplace will implement inclusive strategies to crate a non-judgmental environment for different cultures list below some strategies you think would be appropriate

12. How willing organization know if the strategies in place are effective ?

13. When is it appropriate to revise or change the strategies ?

14. List some examples of how you would use service strategies to run bias and discriminatory comments into a learning experience ?

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Re: Promote aboriginal and torres strait islander cultural safety

Post by S.N.S » Wed Nov 11, 2020 10:17 pm

Has anyone found the answers for this. I have the exact same assignment with me.

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