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Ben Scenario

Post by mah » Thu Jul 23, 2020 11:07 pm

Ben and his sister My attend your service 2 days per week. their mother (Moly) is a single parent, with their father living several hours away. Both children enjoy their time at the service and have developed close bonds with their educators and peers. Molly is also well known throughout the service as she is an active member of the management committee. Ben has recently been diagnosed with leukaemia and has been spending extended periods of time in the hospital for intensive treatment.

The hospital 2 hours away from the family's home. While Ben and his mother are in hospital, Amy stays with her grandmother who works full time. To help support the family, your service increases Amy's days of attendance from 2 to 5 days. Amy has occasional absence from the service when she goes to visit her brother in hospital.

Ben is in and out of hospital over several months and likes to attend the service when he is feeling well.

a. How you will support the family?

Provide a video call for Ben while he at the hospital so he can join the group time and see his friends and teachers. Talke positive to Molly about Amy so she feels ok when Amy at childcare. provide some community so they support financial of the family.

b. Provide support plans for each stakeholder? When developing support plans remember to consider the financial, emotional, educational and physical support that my required?


I support his emotional, educational and physical as we arrange video call in group time or send some activity so he can follow it at the hospital.


I support her emotional as I provide interest activities and make her busy do not miss her mum and Ben. I make sure talk to her and make more attention.



Other Children:

Other Families:

After 12 months of treatment, Ben sadly passes away. Amy does not attend the service for 6 months while she and her family grieve. Molly has requested privacy this time.
When Amy returns to the centre, although she had a good relationship with her educators, she appears withdrawn and no longer speaks. she often sits alone, with her head down, refusing to make eye contact with her educators or peers.

What adjustments need to be made to each support plan and who would you consult with during the review of these?

a. Amy:

B. Molly:

C: Educators:

D. Other children:

E. Other Families:

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Re: Ben Scenario

Post by Lorina » Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:52 pm

What a sad scenario...

You are on the right track... here is some info that may help:

Grief and Children
Children and Grief
Death Affects On Children


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