Being rushed with toileting/nappies

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Being rushed with toileting/nappies

Post by Iris2 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:47 pm


Well technically I am a paid trainee because I am working as a trainee/apprentice (i've seen both terms used and not sure which is right) doing my cert iii through my employer.

I generally enjoy it and always try my best but admittedly, my workplace is a bit disorganised, and it's a big centre with lots of children so some rooms can be quite challenging for all educators.

I am a float so spend usually 1-2 hours in a room per day generally. There is one area with like around 25 children aged 2-3. It is technically two rooms but the rooms are usually combined when I work there. In the morning, I have to do nappies and toileting. The CM says only unqualified (trainee, like me) should do nappies/toileting because she wants qualified staff staying with the majority of children. She also only allows one staff member inside at a time so only one staff member can be in the bathroom doing nappies. I don't think this is too hard to manage but this area has some behavioural issues (biters, fighting, tantrums) which adds to the chaos and there is also many children who refuse toileting/nappy. the management says if the child refuses to go to the toilet, go to the next child and ask later. I also communicate this to the other staff who say the same thing. I record all the refusals and ask the child at least every hour. The children are in undies and the toilet is always available and accessible. It's a little hard for me to implement strategies to the toileting because i am not a regular staff member there and still a trainee so I just communicate with the other staff and try to build relationships with the children and find the way that works for that child but not every child has been responsive to me yet. I would like to spend more energy and time with each child but since there are around 25, I feel it is impossible without missing the other children. I feel 25 is too many to do for one person and feel there should be better use of area so we can supervise the children properly while still having at least two people doing nappies/toilet.

When the lead educator came in the morning (10am) she looked at the nappy chart and was complaining about the refusals. I told her I have asked those children several times but they keep saying no and I was only told to ask and record and just did what I was told. She seemed to be blaming me, saying I should have asked for help but I have been communicating with the other staff members the whole time. Anyway, what does anyone else think about this?

In another room (about 15-24 months) , there are less children so it is a bit easier. I do all the children in the time I am told they need to be done. I don't like rushing children. I always get consent and ask if they want to go to toilet or change nappy because I feel the children prefer to have the choice. I let them sit on the toilet as long as they want and go as many times as they want (except if they are going overboard and just playing I will gently suggest to the child 'that's enough') because this is compliant with NQF and policies. It looks like the other educators are frustrated and don't like it. Once, the educator working with me quickly ran in and did all the nappies. She doesn't ask consent or ask about toilet. She just wants them all done quickly. I worry people don't like working with me because I am trying to follow policies and not in a rush. And then they talk to others, including the manager about me. Anyway, I am just getting frustrated and tired of it.

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Re: Being rushed with toileting/nappies

Post by Daisy92 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:43 pm

Hi Iris,

That sounds really frustrating. Doing that many children one go can put a lot of strain on your back. I would double check the nappy change and toileting policy for your service, as that does not sound compliant. One suggestion you could make to the Educators in the room in regards to the children who refuse to go to the toilet is to record the times they have an accident; that way they will get a better understanding of what times of the day each child may need to go to the toilet.

Best of luck,


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