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Novel Coronavirus Information For Early …

An outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was detected in Wuhan...

Childcare News Jan 28, 2020

Reminder Watches

This watch template can be sent as a reminder messages...

Forms and Checklists Jan 27, 2020

Get Free Wiggles Educational Children's …

From January 30 nationally as part of Big W’s Free...

Childcare News Jan 24, 2020

New and Updated ASCIA Anaphylaxis E-Trai…

ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training courses for early childhood services have recently...

Childcare News Jan 22, 2020

Hello everyone
Yesterday, 22:17 by Rodni12 (4 replies)

WHS- First Aid Stock Checklist
28.01.2020, 20:46 by kk89 (no replies)

Actively Working Towards ECT/Primary
27.01.2020, 15:51 by Lorina (1 reply)

Returning to Work
27.01.2020, 15:42 by Lorina (1 reply)

Educators to child ratios- Are they correct?
27.01.2020, 15:34 by Lorina (1 reply)

how to improve handwriting
27.01.2020, 15:20 by Lorina (2 replies)

Looking for work
27.01.2020, 15:14 by Lorina (1 reply)

Pay question...
27.01.2020, 15:12 by Lorina (8 replies)

Changing institutions
25.01.2020, 01:13 by Lorina (6 replies)

Has anyone study in MEGT institute?(CS education)
23.01.2020, 23:10 by Alisonngu315 (no replies)

Child Weekly

ASCIA Anaphylaxis E-Training Updated For 2020

ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training courses for early childhood services and schools, throughout Australia have recently been updated. Educators and Teachers, please familiarise yourselves with the newly updated anaphylaxis requirements by completing this e-training course, approved by ACECQA.  The following updates that have been made to ASCIA Action Plans: The weight range for adrenaline...

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Teaching Children About Bushfires

With the catastrophic bushfires happening in and around Australia it’s only natural that children will begin to ask questions about what they are seeing and hearing. Some children may also feel scared and anxious. As Educators, we can reassure children, answer their questions and teach children about bushfires.

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