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Healthy Lunchbox Week takes place from 4th February to 10th February. The following provides Articles, FREE Printables and Activities that can be included in the curriculum for children.

Fruit Cut And Glue Picture Match enables children to cut out the colour fruit picture and glue them onto the corresponding picture. These can be pre cut and laminated and childcare can use them to create a complete a puzzle of each fruit. 

Food Group posters show each food group's name and a variety of foods that fit into that specific group. These are great to encourage children in discussions on healthy eating and can be used in a variety of different learning experiences. 

The Magic Lunchbox tells a story about when Grandma comes to visit and gives Mango and Sprint a "magic lunchbox". This story is available to download for FREE for Educators to read during group time which supports young children to understand everyday healthy food choices. 

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