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Letterland Phonics

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Letterland Phonics

Letterland is a system for teaching children basic literacy skills on how to read, how to write and how to spell using a story-based approach. The following article provides information on What Is Letterland, How It Works, Examples, Free Resources and more! 

The story is set in an imaginary Letterland, populated with pictogram-based characters. These characters are a fusion of letters and animated characters, Letterland also includes music, actions, alliteration, movement, song, art, games and role-play.

What Is Letterland

Letterland is a phonics-based program for children to assist them in learning to read. It is based on the actual sounds that letters make in words. For example, instead of explaining that C is the letter cee, children will learn that Clever Cat makes her special whispered ‘c…’ sound in words like cat, cup and cake etc.

How does it work?

Letterland works by capturing children’s interest and attention through each of the letterland characters such as Bouncy Ben, Harry Hat Man, Sammy Snake and Talking Tess.

Once children are familiar with the letterland characters they will begin to say the name of the correct letter sounds. For example "Annie Apple says an in words like apple, arrow and acrobat.

Children will also learn letter shapes, with easy-to-understand stories to ensure correct letter formation and to avoid confusion over similar letters,

Simple verses, set to music in the Letterland Handwriting Songs, explain how to form each letter correctly.

For example:

Draw Dippy Duck’s back.

Go round her tum.

Go up to her head

And down you come.

The Letterlanders also include clever clues to help prevent children from mixing up letters that look alike. Letterland even explains why capital and lower-case letters have different shapes.

Free Resources

Due to COVID -19, Letterland has made available a number of free resources, available to support children in their letterland learning.

Resources available to download for free include:

  • Letter shapes
  • Letter sounds
  • Posters
  • Song lyrics
  • High-Frequency words and much more

To download for free: Letterland Free Resources 

Letterland phonics covers all 44 sounds in the English language and their major spelling patterns. Letterland is a unique approach in motivating children to read, write and spell confidently.


Note: Aussie Childcare Network is not in any way affiliated with Letterland. This is purely for information-based purposes.

Created On April 6, 2023 Last modified on Wednesday, April 5, 2023
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