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Letterland is a system for teaching children basic literacy skills on how to read, how to write and how to spell using a story-based approach.

It is essential that all children growing up in Australia have access to opportunities to become proficient speakers of English.

Like adults, children have to deal with their own stress in life. Moving house, starting a new school, preparing for a new sibling - these are all stressful events that affect children.  Children need a way to manage stress and anxiety and one form of practice is teaching children yoga.

Open ended questions cannot be responded to with one word answers such as yes or no. These types of questions enables a child to provide a more detailed response and encourages a child to stimulate their thinking and develop their language skills.  Open ended questions supports a child to focus and make meaning of their experiences and enables them to see various possibilities. 

During your child’s preschool years, an important milestone begins to emerge. This is the development of pre-writing skills. Pre-writing skills are used to encourage, develop and support opportunities for your preschool child to begin writing.

Language plays an important role in a child’s development. It enables a child to communicate effectively with their family, learn at school, socialize with friends, build relationships with others and complete simple tasks such as talking on the phone and buying something from the shops.

Reading aloud is one of the best kept secrets. It has tremendous impact on the child’s mind and helps them gain a good start on their education and learning. It also supports children to become emergent readers through the use of repetitive listening and using familiar words while reading.

In early childhood settings one of the most popular experiences that a child enjoys is painting. As soon as the painting area is set up, there always seems to be a “charge” for the smocks and arguing about who is having the first turn. Painting is inviting, simple and engaging for a child and supports their overall learning and development.

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