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IMPORTANT: This article title and content has been edited and some information has been retracted. Please read "Retraction in Gumnut Incident Article Published on Nov 12 2018 " for information on the corrections. NOTE: The is the story of the…
On 9th November, a four-yearly review will be conducted of the Children's Services Award 2010.
Camp Australia has received yet another fine for a safety breach when a child received chemical burns to the back of the eyelids after another child had sprayed him with hospital grade cleaner at a Camp Australia service.
Camp Australia in the past 6 years have had a variety of fines enforced against them due to safety breaches such as letting children wander away from their service to not having enough staff to supervise children and once again…
Be You offers a range of free online, evidence-based tools and resources aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of educators to foster and support mental health and well being in children and young people. It’s completely free and available…
As part of the Modern Award Review, the Fair Work Commission has varied a number of clauses in the modern awards, which includes changes to the Children's Services Award and the Educational Services Teachers Award.
On Thursday 01 November Educators, Teachers and Children have the opportunity to try learning outside the classroom as we celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day. Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. On the…
A $4 Million annual free eyesight program has benefited almost 700,000 preschoolers throughout NSW, is now celebrating 10 years. The Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening (StEPS) program aims to diagnose problems early and prevent permanent vision loss and eye disease.
The Department Of Communities has recently published enforcement actions across early childhood services across Perth. These included a child being burnt and children being unnoticed leaving the centre by themselves.
A study by the University of Queensland has found, that over two-thirds of early childhood services do not comply with all safe sleeping guidelines for babies below 12 months of age.
Worksafe Western Australia has begun an inspection program to look at the overall safety aspects of childcare services in WA, since there has been significant growth within the early childhood sector.
In an Australian first, Canterbury Bankstown Council has voted to offer free childcare to asylum seekers in its council-run centres.
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