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On Friday, the 10th of March, a three-year-old girl was left on a daycare bus in Victoria for up to five hours. After being put on the bus outside of her home to attend the service, her parents received a…
The Coalition has pledged to invest $1 billion this year to begin the construction of 500 new preschools, moving forward with its core education programme of providing free pre-kindergarten to all four-year-olds.
The federal government has been urged by the United Workers Union to provide funding for a 25% pay increase in this year's budget.
An Educator from a Gold Coast early childhood centre, discovered a red-bellied black snake curled up behind a child's backpack, initially thought it was a toy snake until she saw it breathing.
As of today, 01st March 2023, new regulatory requirements will apply to centre-based services that provide regular transportation, which includes mandatory notifying the regulatory authority that your service provides or arranges regular transportation, the service to account for all children…
ACECQA has released new resources explaining the updates to the nationally approved learning frameworks EYLF, and MTOP and clarification and expanded explanation across parts of the original learning frameworks. The following provides the EYLF and MTOP Version 2 Booklets as…
The Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours program is back with a digital twist! With exciting hands-on and digital activities including early learning. Based on the learning stage, children will explore where fresh food comes from with activities such as stepping…
As the expense of living severely impacts families, one of Australia's leading daycare providers, G8, is slapping parents with its third fee hike, slapping them with up to a 17% increase in fees in just a year.
An urgent 25% wage increase is demanded by frustrated Educators who claim they are overworked and underpaid in order to address issues with excessive turnover in the sector.
All Australian, state and territory Education Ministers have now collectively approved updates to Australia’s EYLF and MTOP-approved learning frameworks.
Parents and Educators are banning the 1990s book The Rainbow Fish because of its "toxic message."
Recently, Sarah Mitchell, the Minister of Education for NSW, proposed that all children enrol in school the year they turn six.
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