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As the expense of living severely impacts families, one of Australia's leading daycare providers, G8, is slapping parents with its third fee hike, slapping them with up to a 17% increase in fees in just a year.
An urgent 25% wage increase is demanded by frustrated Educators who claim they are overworked and underpaid in order to address issues with excessive turnover in the sector.
All Australian, state and territory Education Ministers have now collectively approved updates to Australia’s EYLF and MTOP-approved learning frameworks.
Parents and Educators are banning the 1990s book The Rainbow Fish because of its "toxic message."
Recently, Sarah Mitchell, the Minister of Education for NSW, proposed that all children enrol in school the year they turn six.
Daycare educators in Finland laid out grass, planted forest undergrowth (such as dwarf heather and blueberries), and let children tend to crops in planter boxes. According to a Finnish study, one month of playing among the vegetation and debris in…
Since the start of the pandemic, mental health illnesses including anxiety have increased in children as young as 18 months old, while more teenagers have acquired depression and suicidal ideation, according to experts.
Australia is addressing its scarcity of teachers, childcare workers and childcare centre managers by prioritizing their skilled visa applications where they will get their visa applications assessed in three days.
Cloncurry Childcare Centre, in Queensland's outback, has been looking for a childcare teacher for the council's early learning centre for three years but has been unsuccessful in doing so. There haven't been any applicants for the position despite the offer…
An award of nearly $200,000 was given to a Queensland Educator who stumbled over a Lego brick and hurt her ankle. She tripped while dragging a section of the obstacle course from a shed and suffered an ankle injury that…
More early educators leaving the industry than ever before have been attributed to a "perfect storm" of reasons. Within the past week, 39 early childhood services shut down due to a lack of educators to run them.
With a record number of scholarship recipients announced recently, more than 1,000 aspiring early childhood educators in NSW are on their way to a rewarding career supporting the state’s littlest learners. Over the next four years, more than 18,000 early…
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