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There are many different natural settings where in-nature programmes might be held, including your neighbourhood park or reserve, the beach, a lake, or the woods. ACECQA has published new guidance information to guide services for the approved regulatory changes that…
As of 1 July 2023, new family day care educators must hold an approved certificate III level (or higher) qualification, FDC Educators cannot be 'actively working towards' a qualification.
This beloved programme, which centres around a charming but occasionally domineering small pig, Peppa and her family, has lately become the focus of online controversy.
A Californian preschool teacher has been fired after allegedly providing toddlers with mood-calming patches (Zen Patches) without getting permission from their parents.
The internet was astounded—and admittedly a touch jealous—by an Australian mother who disclosed that her toddler's daycare prepares gourmet meals for working parents to enjoy for breakfast.
Establishing early learning environments that are both safe and mindful of the needs of every child requires active supervision. ACECQA has published new guidance information to guide services for the approved regulatory changes that started on 1 October 2023.
A nurse has cautioned parents about the risks associated with not child-proofing Christmas trees following a toddler who accidentally ingested a Christmas ornament.
A statewide inquiry into child safety may lead to a ban on personal phones and iPads being used by childcare providers.
ABC Kids has worked with Deaf Connect to create five new Play School Story Time episodes with Auslan interpreters.
If childcare providers charge outrageous costs, the Albanese administration has the power to publicly name and shame them.
According to a poll conducted among staff members at 1,000 centres and made exclusively available to Guardian Australia, over 90% of those centres currently have open positions, with half of those having three or more.
When her three-year-old son was finally accepted into a Montessori preschool, she was overjoyed but after a meeting at pick-up with Educators, the family was asked to withdraw their child from the centre immediately.
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