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Infants begin to develop trust when parents begin to fulfil their needs. Such as changing an infant's nappy when needed, feeding on request and holding them when they cry. Infants cry to express anger, pain and hunger. It is their way of communicating with the world around them.

Language not only refers to the spoken word but it also incorporates gesturing, facial expressions and verbal sounds. This is why language development for infants begins from when your baby is born. Infants are aware of sounds in the environment. They listen intently to other's speaking and begin to cry if they hear an unexpected noise. This is all part of your infant's language development.

From when an infant is born the part of the brain that controls vital functions like sucking, swallowing and breathing are ready to go, However the part that controls the neck muscles, arms, legs, etc is still under development until an infant achieves Gross Motor Development.

Fine Motor involves the development of the small muscles of the body. The development of small muscles enables infants to carry out actions like grasping small objects. The fine motor skills developed from infancy continues throughout childhood in preparation of fine motor tasks such as writing.

Beginning at birth the construction of thought processes, such as memory, problem solving, exploration of objects etc, is an important part of an infant’s cognitive development. An infant needs to interact with their environment in order to learn about it. By using their senses, infants educate themselves about the world around them.

Sometimes you hold your baby in your arms, talking gently, swinging softly side to side and then….the crying starts. You've checked your baby’s nappy it’s clean, feeding has already been done so your baby isn’t hungry and they already went down for a nap... You have tried everything but you can’t seem to get your baby to stop, panic sets in as you begin to worry what is wrong with your little one… Don’t worry; this is a common problem for most parents dealing with a crying baby.

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