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Cognitive Development for School Age

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Cognitive Development for School Age

School age children are able to concentrate for a longer period of time in set tasks, enabling them to think, understand and find reasons to simple problems. They have a greater understanding of a variety of concepts and memory also improves dramatically. A school age child will also start to have their own thought process and curiosity begins to emerge. They begin to discover answers to some difficult questions such as “where do we come from” and “how we were born”? Overall at this point, a school age child absorbs information with ease and will attain a wide range of knowledge, when being exposed to it.

Cognitive Development Milestones from 6 years+

  • can count ten to twenty objects (this increases as more numbers are learnt)
  • identifies coins and notes
  • understands how money is used
  • knows morning, afternoon, evening etc
  • knows object properties (heavy, light etc.)
  • may find it difficult to make choices
  • has organized, continuous memory
  • begins to read simple words
  • able to write full name (first name, middle name and surname)
  • can count backwards from twenty
  • knows left and right competently
  • identifies days of the week, months in a year, in chronological order
  • repeats three digits backwards
  • understands and begins to tell the time
  • able to read simple stories with repetitive words
  • follows and understands complex instructions (verbal and visual)
  • generalizes instances of failure with statements (“I never do anything right”)
  • able to write simple words (names of objects, friends names etc.)

Cognitive development improves over this period of time. Activities such as writing words and reading will begin and should be encouraged in order to extend on their cognitive development. Like mentioned earlier, curiosity also emerges so it’s important to extend on a child’s interests, which opens up a whole new world of discovery for them.

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