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The following provides information on Intentional Teaching Definition, Intentional Teaching Strategies, Intentional Teaching Examples and Benefits Of Intentional Teaching.
The Shape Of The Week Posters enable Educators to choose a shape for children to learn for the week.
The article provides information on What Active Listening Is, Active Listening Definition, Active Listening Skills Examples and more.
The Colour Of The Week posters enables Educators to choose a colour that they would like to focus on for their group of children.
The Rhyme Bubbles printables are great for children who are beginning to read. Children read the word on the bathtub and find the matching rhyming bubble.
The All About My Mum template can be used to celebrate Mother's Day.
Turn two little footprints into a heart for Mother's Day. Cute little keepsake card for babies and toddlers to make for mum.
The Linking Outcome 2 Observation template is for Educators to use to observe children.
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