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To celebrate International Day Of Yoga (21st June) we have 4 yoga games for children to participate in. These games promote and encourage children's strength, flexibility, creative expression, and sensory exploration through simple movement experiences.
Transitions help move children from one experience to another. For example: from free play to clean up time or from group time to lunch time. Transitions can be chants, songs or short stories. You can use transitions to introduce the children to music, rhythm and rhyming. Over the past few days we have added a few transition songs in our…
For Educators working as an ECT (with a university degree) within a service, your rate of pay will come from the Educational Service Teachers Award, 2010.¬†The following article "Early Childhood Teachers (ECT) Award Wages in Australia"¬†includes a wage table and provides you with information on minimum wages, details of level structure, progression to the next level, director allowance…
The Summative Assessment template brings together information on what the child knows, understands and can do.
Here are some simple science experiments, using all the colours of the rainbow! Great way to teach primary and secondary colours through science!
By popular request, I have now created the MS Word version of the "Child Daily Information Sheet" template for Long Day Care & Family Day Care settings. This one page template is used to easily record all the child's important daily information that has to be shared with the parent at the end of the day. It has a variety…
This template can be used to give to a child for positive behaviour.
The Growing A Gratitude Tree template is a free template.
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