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The Blank Letters Beginning Sounds Worksheets enable children to circle the correct letter sounds for each picture out of the 3 letter options and then write the beginning sound in the blank space
The following article provides art projects on a starry night and a sunflower painting made famous by Vincent Van Gogh.
The Bunny Picture Letter Match enables children to match the correct letter with the correct picture. Children look at the picture on the left side and choose the correct letter that corresponds with that letter.
We are happy to announce that we are reopening the Student Forums for those studying Cert 3, Diploma and Bachelor Qualifications. This means that once again we will be offering support to all students regardless of whether you have Premium Subscriptions or not.
Easter is just around the corner. What can be easier to make them learn about Easter and Easter eggs than to play with them? Playing and learning are always associated with each other.
The Bunny Shapes Mat is a simple shape matching activity for children.
Respect for Diversity is one of the main principles that underpin the Belonging, Becoming and Being: Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.
We are so excited to announce that "Aussie Childcare Network" is now available as a Mobile App. You can now access our website through your mobile device.
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