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Transition Songs for Children

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Transition Songs for Children

Transitions help move children from one experience to another. For example: from free play to clean up time or from group time to lunch time. Transitions can be chants, songs or short stories. You can use transitions to introduce the children to music, rhythm and rhyming. 

Over the past few days we have added a few transition songs in our website that you can use within your group. 

1) Come to the Carpet: The first one is a simple song to transition the children to the mat for group time. 

2) Time To Tidy Up: This song can be used when transitioning children to clean up before moving onto the next task.

3) Walking Walking: This is a fun transition song to use when transitioning children from outside to inside.

4) There was a Little Turtle: This simple transition song that can be used when transitioning individual children to wash their hands, to go outside or while waiting when lining up.

5) The Line Up Chant: A chant for the children to sing while they line up at the door, ready to transition to the next activity.

Click here to view these songs: Rhymes & Songs

Last modified on Saturday, May 25, 2024
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