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Child Daily Information Sheet MS Word Template

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Child Daily Information Sheet MS Word Template

By popular request, I have now created the MS Word version of the "Child Daily Information Sheet" template for Long Day Care & Family Day Care settings. This one page template is used to easily record all the child's important daily information that has to be shared with the parent at the end of the day. It has a variety of details including:

  • What the Child Ate
  • Nappy Change / Toileting Times
  • Sleep and Rest Times
  • Child's Temperament 
  • Items To Collect
  • Teacher & Parent Feedback
  • What the Child Enjoyed Doing 

The Child Daily Information Sheet provides all the necessary information all on the one sheet rather than filling out separate sheets for the child and provides a full overview of the child's day. 

Hopefully this cut's down the paperwork as all the child's details are provided on the one page which makes it easier for both you and the parent.

Click here to download this Template: Child Daily Information Sheet

Happy Planning!

Last modified on Monday, May 29, 2023
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