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When teaching young children about germs, the best way to do this is through visual demonstrations then only children will begin to understand what germs are and how to remove them.
Educator's it's important we continue to discuss appropriate hygiene practices with children to stop the spread of germs. For toddlers and preschoolers through rhyme and song is the best way to do this.
Using a parachute with a group of children is a fun way to release energy, develop social skills and you can also adapt it to indoors on rainy days or during hot weather.
With Valentines Day coming up on 14th February, here are some love songs that you can introduce to the children at group time.
With Valentine's Day (14 February), around the corner here are a few simple craft activities the children can create for loved ones.
With all the fires continuing throughout Australia - it's important to incorporate fire safety into the curriculum- One of the best ways to teach children about fire safety is through songs.
With the Preschool children getting ready for Kindergarten, it's important that they can recognise their name in order to identify their belongings while in school.
On Thursday 31st October 2019, is Halloween. Here are some simple and catchy action songs for children to sing during circle time.┬áThe Halloween Bus - Go aboard the Halloween bus with this catchy song sung to the tune of "The Wheels On The Bus".Five Little Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate -A super simple counting song for children which teaches…
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