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Teaching Children About Germs Through Activities

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Teaching Children About Germs Through Activities

When teaching young children about germs, the best way to do this is through visual demonstrations then only children will begin to understand what germs are and how to remove them.

The following are simple activities that are effective in showing children about germs and how personal hygiene removes them: 

Germ Erasing - A simple activity for young children to visualise and understand germs and how to wash them away.

Pom Pom Sneeze Pom Pom Cough - Use pom-poms to visually demonstrate how germs spread through sneezing and coughing when you do not cover your nose or mouth.

Flour Germs - To visually demonstrate how easy it is to spread germs when coughing and sneezing on our hands without washing them.

Glitter Germs - A simple and effective activity using glitter to visually demonstrate how rinsing with water doesn't remove germs, soap is needed.


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