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With social distancing and the current lockdowns in effect, take a virtual excursion with your children. Virtual excursions enable children to visit and discover places all over the world virtually. Visit countries across the globe with Google Earth, famous monuments such as Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, the Great Wall Of China and even space such as the International Space Station,…
As Educators, the cleaning you do on a daily basis already minimises the number of germs within the environment which in turn will stop the spread of infection.
The Coronavirus Info Update template is a free template that can be used to inform Parents and Staff within the service of important information regarding the coronavirus.
Social distancing plays a key role in preventing the spread of coronavirus. When working with children, it will be difficult to maintain social distancing however there are strategies you can implement throughout the day.
Educator's it's important we continue to discuss appropriate hygiene practices with children to stop the spread of germs. For toddlers and preschoolers through rhyme and song is the best way to do this.
THANK YOU To All Early Childhood Educators Continuing To Work Throughout Australia!
In the event of closures, childcare providers can access grants through the $14 million Community Child Care Special Circumstances Fund to help cover costs, including wages.
The following article outlines your workplace entitlements and obligations if you're affected by the outbreak of coronavirus.
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