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It has been reported that a childcare worker in Sydney has been accused of duct-taping a boy who has disabilities. The childcare worker said she has been framed by a disgruntled manager and it is not the truth.

It has been reported that Inner West councillors planned to support the free early education of the children whose parents are seeking and awaiting to get asylum for them.

It has been previously reported that the Kinder factory in Belgium has been ordered to stop their chocolate manufacturing temporarily after having reports of getting children sick due to the contaminated chocolates. At least eight countries have reported various incidents of getting children sick after consumption of this particular chocolate. This is a very shocking incident as children are getting affected by the contaminated chocolates. Now, the kinder products have been recalled from retailers like Woolworth, Coles, and Kmart after noticing and getting several reports of salmonella poisoning in children due to the contamination in the chocolates.

One early childhood education and care provider which is situated near Gold Coast is being ordered to pay back workers. The amount that has been ordered to pay back is nearly almost $250,000. Not only that they have been ordered to pay near about $45,000 as a penalty for failure to comply with three Compliances Notices that has been given by the Fair Work Ombudsman whose requirement was to make the back payment of the entitlements.

Australian Early Development Census 2021 National Result was recently released. Children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, from disadvantaged households, or from culturally and linguistically diverse families, have shown significant vulnerability in AEDC’s one of two developmental domains. Children who live in socio-economically disadvantaged communities have shown twice vulnerability in one or two domains of AEDC. Children with special needs and disability assistance have increased in 2021 and the figure is 5.2% which was 4.6% in 2018. 

Research has been shown that the effect of pandemics on children and adolescents is very impactful. It has been said that like covid, pandemics also impacts the children on their mental health and well-being.

Hua-Chen Wang, Lecturer in the School of Education at Macquarie University, said that they have found in research that day time nap of children, has positive effects on their literacy skills. More specifically they found that daytime naps influence the learning of letter-sound mapping and reading unfamiliar words.

There are very few research findings are available that establish a positive relationship between daytime naps pre-schoolers literacy skills. In the journal “Child Development,” a study has provided evidence that says the child who has daytime nap is sounder in learning letter-sound mapping techniques.

Recently Education Ministers agreed to a number of amendments to the Education and Care National Regulations including displaying of service rating certificates and managing risks while transporting children and workforce transitional provisions.

The following lists cultural, special and community events that are taking place in June 2022. This should help you to plan and organise upcoming events and celebrations for June 2022.

From 01 October 2020, new national regulations for policies and procedures, risk assessment, and written authorisation will come into effect for all education and care services in all states and territories throughout Australia, for transporting children.

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