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3 Year Old Kicked Out Of Montessori Preschool On His First Day

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3 Year Old Kicked Out Of Montessori Preschool On His First Day

When her three-year-old son was finally accepted into a Montessori preschool, she was overjoyed but after a meeting at pick-up with Educators, the family was asked to withdraw their child from the centre immediately. 

Her son had finally entered the preschool after being on the waiting list for months and paying tuition, but everything went tragically wrong once he did.

She and the boy's father were instructed to speak with the staff members about what had happened that day when they were picked up at the conclusion of what was supposed to be an outstanding first day there.

Three employees were present at the meeting, and they demanded that he be removed from the centre right away.

The mother posted a message on Reddit, claiming, "They handed a letter to us saying he yelled at an assistant, threw a toy, ran away from the playground, cried for an hour without stopping - they don't console kids, and that he cursed at an assistant."

Despite the fact that her son has a speech impediment, she claimed she has never heard him swear.

"We have never heard him swear, most of his speech is very difficult to understand, and we feel for the most part, these are typical three-year-old behaviour for a first day at school and for a child who had previously been with in-home childcare," the report said.

In the end, the mother thinks the centre's personnel overreacted.

It is frightening that we were informed to correct the behaviour by the next day or he would be expelled. He is three years old, and I'm fairly certain he was unaware that we were dropping him off at a new school today," she said. "Since it was his first day, he was presumably becoming acclimated to the surroundings.

We believe that they are not even giving him an opportunity, and we now have to locate another creche quickly.

She also thought it wasn't fair because she had been financially supporting him for a while and wasn't sure what to do next.

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Last modified on Monday, September 18, 2023
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