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Let Children Celebrate Nature! Nature Play Week From 6th to 16th April 2022

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Let Children Celebrate Nature! Nature Play Week From 6th to 16th April 2022

Do you want children to explore nature? Do you want children to be resilient and confident? Do you want nature to work as a stress buster for little ones? We know all the answers will be a big “YES”. so, here it is “ Nature Play Week”, which will be conducted from April 6 to April 16, 2022. Nature play week reconnects kids with nature and the outdoors.

Nature Play Week incorporates a week of experiences related to nature and exploring nature through different activities. Nature play encourages children to see the natural beauty of a place and also gives opportunities to relax, play, learn about nature.

In celebration of Nature Play Week, here are some great Nature Play ideas you can implement at your service:

Leaf Monsters
Nature Head
Leaf and Flower Pounding
Leaf and Flower Clay Prints
Flower Stained Glass
Autumn Leaf Mobile
Autumn Nature Stick People
Nature Bracelets
Play with mud
Cloud watching
Outdoor picnic
Bug hunt
Nature treasure hunt

Nowadays screen places and indoor activities have taken the place of nature in our lives. As the world changes rapidly. The way of leading lives is also changing. Technology has taken a big and important place in our life but also make a distance between children and nature. Learning nature, explore nature is very important for children. How much a child will cultivate and explore nature around them and how much they will learn about nature. Nature play Week will give them opportunities for new and natural discoveries. To be familiar with nature, to spend some time amid nature, talking, thinking about trees, grasses, pebbles, climates, small insects, enhances the resilience and self-esteem of a child. 

So get outside and play! 

For more information: Nature Play Week

Last modified on Sunday, May 1, 2022
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