CHCECE053-Scenario help

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CHCECE053-Scenario help

Post by A.Caitlin » Sun Sep 03, 2023 7:47 pm

Hi everyone

I am desperately stuck! I have a scenario i will put below that i need to give the parents 2 options for resolution based on complaints and grievances
I am completely stuck on what i could offer in this situation advice would be greatly appreciated

Background information
You know this parent, George, and his son, Kostas. They have a Greek background where George was an immigrant to Australia 10 years ago. George is always dressed in a business suit and appears to take pride in his appearance. Kostas is 2 years old and loves playing in the mud pit every day. Even if the educators put him in clean clothes in the later part of the day, he still manages to have some dirt on his shoes or pants. He doesn’t like his face washed, so it is a struggle for educators to get it all off.

A staff member has alerted you to a ‘Google Review’ from a parent whose child attends the service. The review states:

I can’t believe it! Management never listens to what I want! I asked them to make sure my child is clean and well dressed for pick up, but he always has dirt on his clothes and lunch all over his face. Surely it can’t be that hard to make sure he’s clean when I get him from childcare!
George A

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Re: CHCECE053-Scenario help

Post by Lorina » Wed Sep 06, 2023 7:15 pm

Ok... one option would be is as soon as he gets to the centre change him into "play clothes" then change him into nice clothes just before he gets picked up... you can also change his pants and shoes into older ones...

As for washing his face, you can get a wet cloth...


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