CHCECE003 Provide care for children

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CHCECE003 Provide care for children

Post by gillharbans » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:59 am

Question 10. Think about when you have discussed with children how their bodies work. Outline details of the information you discussed.

My Answer is

Children loved exploring about their body and took interest how our body works. I started discussion by saying that our body is a brilliant machine with many important parts. Watch movies, read articles, and do activities. I had a body chart displayed on the wall and discussed with children what are the body parts and how they help us in daily activities.

Educator (Me) to children, "How many eyes you got and what do we do with them? " Oh, yes we can see every thing with eyes we have beautiful world all around, Do you like watching movies so, how do you watch it. Yeah not possible without eyes. We need to take care always for eyes to keep them healthy.

By providing children Vanilla scent bottle discussed " Can you smell something? How did you know it smell nice? Why we need nose and how it works. Something smells nice to you and you will love.

Ears are for listening nicely others as we expect other people to listen us. Very loud voice is not good for ears and be quiet when you have to listen other people.

Teeth helps us eating and in talking too.

I also asked some quiz questions for different body parts for example:

How big is you eye?

What does your nose help for?

Hello Lorina Please help me if I am on right track
Thanks in advance