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Pay Advice Please

Post by zkjmum » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:40 am

I have read all the documents relating to pay rates and levels, but am still uncertain if I am being paid correctly.

My situation:

- I hold my Cert III

- I am studying my bachelors 0 to 8 years (once I've completed this unit I'll be halfway)

- I have been the sole School Leaver (4 to 5) age group educator since October last year when the ECT left. I currently have 16 children across the week (13 on my busiest day). Responsibilities have included doing all the programming, observations, follow-ups, evaluations and reflections for my group. Implementing the program for my group. Hosting the graduation evening, finishing and issuing end of year reports, communicating with parents etc.

- I'm casual, but have been working 32 to 37 hours a week (obviously not including all the unpaid hours I put in at home).

- I am in the middle of my first year of paid employment in the industry (I'll be at one year complete, as a casual, at the end of July).

- They have just found a new ECT. The Childcare Directorate told them they legally had to advertise for a graduated ECT, despite the centre's director being "more than happy" with the job I am doing. I have been asked to job share with the new ECT (share programming and observation load, show her how I do the programming, continue to run group time up to 5 days a week) "at least" until she has settled into her role. I really don't know what their long-term plan is for me, once she has settled in. I think we're just playing it by ear.

Given that my role will potentially change (I could return to being on-call casual for all I know!), what level should I be paid at?

Is it mandatory for centres to pay those who have completed more than 30 per cent of their bachelors, as a Diploma level staff member? Or is it up to the centre to decide if I'm working at that level?

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Re: Pay Advice Please

Post by Lorina » Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:30 pm

May I confirm the following:

1) What state are you in?
2) What level are you currently being paid at? You mentioned your cert 3, however, it sounds like you are doing a Diploma qualified position and you should be paid at Level 4A.
3) How many years trained will you be once you completed your degree? As in, how long is your degree? 2 years, 3 years etc.

Here is some information to read up on in the meantime:

Ok, according to ACECQA:

You are considered actively working towards an approved diploma level qualification if you can satisfy all of the above and one of the following:

hold an approved certificate III level qualification OR
have completed the approved certificate III units OR
have completed 30% of the units in an approved ECT qualification.

Taken to be an early childhood teacher

In September 2017, the Education Council agreed to extend regulation 242 of the National Regulations. Until 31 December 2019, once you have completed 50% of an approved ECT qualification (or if you already hold an approved diploma level qualification), you can be counted as an early childhood teacher under regulation 242. Please note that regulation 242 does not apply in Victoria after 31 December 2017 or if you are working in a centre-based service educating and caring for 30 or more children preschool age or under in NSW.

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Re: Pay Advice Please

Post by Katewilson80 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:17 pm

Hi. I'm in VIctoria working in a LDC as an ECT. It's my second year and I'm casual, what should I be getting paid per hpur?

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