Help regarding starting FDC

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Help regarding starting FDC

Post by grtz » Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:52 pm

Hello Lorina and Everyone,

As you may know, i was telling in another thread about my career decision to start my own FDC . i thought if i start a separate thread for my FDC journey, i would be easier for me to look back at a later stage. so :thumbup:

I , with my Cert III and with some experience as casual educator for 2 agencies, now decided to start my own FDC as i thought my 2 kids would benefit more .

Last week i went to my council and got the form for development approval. We built this house last year . so no need for owner's approval. But the council may send letters to neighbours it seems.

i have contacted 2 FDC Schemes . somebody will be visiting me next week from one scheme. what should i expect in that interview ? what are the questions should I ask them ?
I came to know that they are charging 90cents per hour per child as educator levy and $1 per hour per child as parent levy. is this what I have to pay to the scheme out of the total fees ? i.e if I charge $8 per child , should I pay $1.90 out of this to the scheme ? is it normal or should I shop around more schemes ?

I have another question. Is air conditioning for the house a must ? i dont have air conditioning at my home . so worried about that.

other than that, house is fenced and we have installed shutters all around the house. so i think safety wont be an issue.

sorry if i have asked too many questions. but really its very confusing and too scary .

please help me with my new adventure

thanks in advance
kind regards

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Re: Help regarding starting FDC

Post by Lorina » Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:51 am


Ok, so I'm not too familiar with the in and outs of FDC, however, I really suggest you have a read through the following topic. One of our users also started their own FDC and wrote about their journey etc. so it can really give you some insight on what to expect:

Starting Your Own FDC

I hope your interview goes well!

Let me know!


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