Going back into Childcare after a bad experience as a trainee

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Going back into Childcare after a bad experience as a trainee

Post by Bec96 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:25 pm

Hi everyone

So at the end of 2015 I quit my traineeship four months in because it was really bad and the staff and director didn't support me at all. After a year of jumping around different career options I've decided to come back to child care, but instead of a traineeship I'm going to study my diploma at college. The problem is I'm nervous about it because I don't know if the traineeship was just a bad option for me, lack of maturity and experience, or whether I'm not suited for this career at all. I know working with kids is my passion but I'm hesitant. Does any one have any tips on how to move on from the traineeship and try to make this diploma study and prac better?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Going back into Childcare after a bad experience as a trainee

Post by Harryholts » Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:48 am

Hello Bec
So sorry to hear of your bad experience. Yes i wont lie they are out there! Please try not to let this dampen your spirits, as you say it is your passion to be working with children. Raise your head, do what Becs want to do and go forth. Follow your goals...you will have many steps along the way (objectives) and humps and hurdles, just the same as any other career chosen path. I always say go with your 'gut; feeling....if it feels right, then do it!

The childcare industry is a rather busy one, but yes, even new experienced educators starting out in a new centre need support. Even a new director! You rely on your staff to work as a 'team' and work cooperatively with each other...hence the 'professionalism' in the workplace. So it does pay to try and get along with everyone. Every childcare centre should have policies and procedures in place to meet the legislative requirements of the centre to pass accreditation. I do understand and acknowledge that this does not always happen. Hence, try and chose your centre you go to. Studying your Diploma, or any Diploma is a big step. Be prepared for 'study, study and more study'. What you put in is what you will get out of it. Go to different centres for each prac you have during your studies, if you can. Get a feel for the place. Look at the centres 'rating'. Try and 'buddy' up with someone working in a centre. This also goes with your studies....more heads are better then one.
Please dont be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to. We all started out at the beginning to reach where we are today.
I wish you every bit of luck and success in your decisions.

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