CHCDIV001- Project 1

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CHCDIV001- Project 1

Post by kyssbn » Wed Jul 31, 2019 12:32 pm

Im having trouble with this project, I was wondering if someone can help me. I have set up a slideshow to do the presentation. the part that is in blue is the headings I have done but Im not sure what to put in each one. Does anyone have some ideas on what I can put? This unit have found very hard to do so Im hoping to have some help or at least some ideas pretty please.

Project 1
You have been working as a supervisor in a community service organisation for some time. Five new staff members have been appointed. These are people with little or no previous experience in community services work.

The organisation has a policy of recognising diversity—personal/ individual and cultural. The current workforce is, therefore, comprised of a number of people from different cultures, with a wide range of background experiences and skills.

Inclusivity policies are supported by the current workforce and there is very little conflict. All staff receives cross-cultural training which helps them accept workforce diversity and accommodate the diverse needs of the clients for whom they care.

The site manager has asked you to make a 1 hour presentation to the new staff members explaining:

the ways in which diversity can impact on their work and work relationships
the benefits of diversity
the need for inclusivity, cultural safety and cultural competence
why it is necessary to reflect on their own individual and cultural characteristics, biases and prejudices
how diversity should be valued and accommodated
how effective and mutually beneficial relationships can be built with work mates, clients and clients’ families
how to overcome communication barriers
how the individual and cultural needs of clients can be accommodated and respected
the methods that might be used to prevent, overcome or manage cultural conflicts
strategies that people can use to improve their own self and social awareness

How will you deliver the presentation and what resources might you use to support the presentation?

Document a set of presentation notes and prepare any extra resources—PowerPoint slides, charts, diagrams, statistics, fact sheets, organisational policies etc.

Organise a time to make the presentation, so your assessor can observe. If this cannot be done in an actual workplace it can be conducted as a simulation.

Submit your notes and copies of other resources to the assessor to support the performance assessment.

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Re: CHCDIV001- Project 1

Post by Lorina » Thu Aug 01, 2019 3:26 pm

I would recommend you just google each point and find information/resources to include. For example:

the ways in which diversity can impact on their work and work relationships
Diversity In The Workplace

the benefits of diversity
Maximising The Value Of Diversity


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