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“Agency” this word is very familiar to the parents and in early childhood care. Agency in childhood indicates the organisation is able to have decisions that will affect and influences the child and also the child has the right to take a decision and is also capable of initiating learning of their own choice and for the betterment of them. The following article provides information on the Question and Strategies To Show If Agency Is Promoted Within The Service and more. 

Among the two most important resources for services to build partnerships with new families are enrolment and orientation. The following article shows guidelines on using Enrolment and Orientation processes to collaborate with families so that children’s well-being and learning have the best chances of thriving.

Unstructured play materials refer to those play materials whose uses are not predetermined by educators. Also known as of heuristic play materials, the scope for play with unstructured materials is thus unlimited, allowing children to develop agency, skills and imagination. The following article provides information on what types of unstructured play materials can be included, how to store play materials and how to facilitate children's play. 

Belonging, Being and Becoming: The EYLF lists ‘High Expectations’ as one of five Principles that underpin practice. This is based on the premise that all children come with the potential to learn and unique sets of abilities which can be best realized when educators consistently have high expectations for them. The following article provides strategies on how Educators achieve best practices so that each child can realise their potential.

Floorbook is a documentation approach that uses a large book with blank pages for children to record different aspects of their learning in small groups or as a whole group. The following article provides information on the Features Of A Floorbook, Child Centred Approach, How Educators Can Use Floorbooks and more. 

Children love being barefoot! It's comfortable and it enables them to feel free. Feeling the freedom of their movements allows them to feel more liberated. The following article provides information on the Benefits Of Being Barefoot, Safety Considerations and Strategies To Get Started. 

Progressive mealtimes are giving an opportunity for children to choose when they want to eat within a certain timeframe instead of eating at a set time. The following article provides information on the Benefits of Progressive Mealtimes, Drawbacks, Strategies and Ideas On Implementing Progressive Mealtimes and more. 

Celebrating children's birthdays is important to the child and their families. It's a special occasion that focuses on the individual child and celebrates the day they were born.

A calm down box has a variety of sensory tools that a child is encouraged to use when they are feeling frustrated, intense anger to calm-down emotions.The following article provides a list of self-regulates that can be included inside a calm down box.

Stages Of Play

There are 6 different types of play that children participate in over the course of their development.

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