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The National Quality Standard and Elements

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The National Quality Standard and Elements

The National Quality Standard contains 18 standards with two or three standards in each quality area. These standards are high-level outcome statements.

Under each standard sit elements that describe the outcomes that contribute to the standard being achieved. There are 58 elements in total.

The following is a quick reference guide for educators that lists the standards and elements that apply to each quality area. 

QA 1 - Educational Program and Practice

  • 1.1 An approved learning framework informs the development of a curriculum that enhances each child’s learning and development.
  • 1.2 Educators and co-ordinators are focused, active and reflective in designing and delivering the program for each child.

QA 2 - Children's Health and Safety

  • 2.1 Each child’s health is promoted.
  • 2.2 Healthy eating and physical activity are embedded in the program for children.
  • 2.3 Each child is protected.

QA 3 - Physical Environment

  • 3.1 The design and location of the premises is appropriate for the operation of a service.
  • 3.2 The environment is inclusive, promotes competence, independent exploration and learning through play.
  • 3.3 The service takes an active role in caring for its environment and contributes to a sustainable future.

QA 4 - Staffing Arrangements

  • 4.1 Staffing arrangements enhance children’s learning and development and ensure their safety and wellbeing.
  • 4.2 Educators, co-ordinators and staff members are respectful and ethical.

QA 5 - Relationships with Children

  • 5.1 Respectful and equitable relationships are developed and maintained with each child.
  • 5.2 Each child is supported to build and maintain sensitive and responsive relationships with other children and adults.

QA 6 - Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

  • 6.1 Respectful supportive relationships with families are developed and maintained.
  • 6.2 Families are supported in their parenting role and their values and beliefs about child rearing are respected.
  • 6.3 The service collaborates with other organisations and service providers to enhance children’s learning and wellbeing.

QA 7 - Leadership and Service Management

  • 7.1 Effective leadership promotes a positive organisational culture and builds a professional learning community.
  • 7.2 There is a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • 7.3 Administrative systems enable the effective management of a quality service.

Please note:

From 01 February 2018, revised National Quality Standards commences in all states and territories throughout Australia. The above standards and elements will be updated when the revised NQS comes into effect. 

For more information: Upcoming Key Changes To The NQF

Guide To The National Quality Standards

Last modified on Thursday, March 30, 2017

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