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After a Human Services Departement error, childcare providers have been out of pocket and left unpaid by hundreds of dollars for over two weeks throughout Canberra and surrounds.

In an early childhood centre, in Sydney's south-west, an educator has been photographed allegedly appearing to sit on a preschool child after he was being disruptive during group time.

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An early childhood service operated by the University Of Wollongong has been fined more than $3000 due to giving a child food that they were allergic to twice in 6 months.

Opened on 24th November, Sydney Aquarium has introduced a brand new exhibit "Day and Night on the Reef". Children will experience state of the art technology that delivers an interactive experience in the largest Great Barrier Reef exhibit in the world!

A QLD committee formed by the State government has released a report that states "one in four Queensland workers including those working in childcare, are missing out on penalty rates, being paid less than the minimum wage, being exploited through unpaid trials" and more to the tune of $1.2 billion per year. 

For Educators and Providers of OSHC Services, the Department of Education has partnered with the Early Childhood Australia to develop free online professional learning customised to meet the needs of NSW OSHC services.

There has been an outbreak of cases of whooping cough across the Hunter region and parents have been urged to keep children at home if they are displaying any symptoms.

IMPORTANT: This article title and content has been edited and some information has been retracted. Please read "Retraction in Gumnut Incident Article Published on Nov 12 2018 " for information on the corrections.

NOTE: The is the story of the incident as portrayed by the parent.

A 10-month-old baby boy, from Sydney, allegedly spent 2 weeks in critical condition from swallowing a gumnut. This article is retelling the story of the parent's side of the incident.

On 9th November, a four-yearly review will be conducted of the Children's Services Award 2010.

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