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A resume is your first impression in a one to two page document that sums up your work qualifications, experience, skills and teaching philosophy. It's important to have a resume that outlines your achievements and experience in a short, concise and efficient way in order to attract an interview. 

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner early childhood services will be shutting down for a period of time and many of you will be on annual leave. Do you know how much annual leave you receive, how much annual leave you accumulate? The following article will provide you with details on your annual leave entitlements according to the Children’s Services Award 2010. 

Sometimes you know that it’s time to move on from your current centre. You may have found another centre to work with, your circumstances may have changed or you found another position. Whatever it is, when it’s time to resign and leave your current centre there are formalities that you need to address before you can leave.

Up until the end of 2019, ACECQA has extended a transitional measure to allow primary school teachers to work within an early childhood setting. Primary school teachers working in early childhood will be able to be recognised as the equivalent to an early childhood teacher. 

In the past 2 years, corrupt family daycare providers have defrauded taxpayers of more than $1 billion through systemic rorting.

You’ve seen a job position that you’re interested in, you have a resume but it asks you to respond to the Key Selection Criteria. This outlines the qualities, knowledge and skills needed to complete the job and helps employers look for someone with a specific set of skills and experiences. 

This is a great opportunity for ECT's in NSW to become accredited, which supports quality teaching and recognises the invaluable role you play within the community!

Australian Skills Quality Authority has found that 70% of childcare courses take less than a year to complete, instead of the minimum of 12 to 24 months requirement, making the majority of educators working in child care centres inadequately trained.

How many times while working in childcare, you may have thought of opening up your own childcare centre? Being a boss, implementing your own ideas and suggestions, running things how you see fit. It’s a great opportunity to make a difference within the community and to offer your own experiences and knowledge. It may sound like a good idea but the reality of it, it’s a hard task! There are a lot of regulations, government policies and requirements that needs to be followed. However if you are willing to put the hard work in then it can be very rewarding! This article will provide you with information on what you need to do in order to start your own childcare business.

This article should give you a heads-up in preparing for an interview in a childcare centre for a traineeship, casual or a full-time position. This will give you guides on how to prepare for an interview in Childcare, Pre-school or any Early Childhood Settings, finding a suitable childcare centre to work, job interview questions you can be asked, resume and work experience requirements, questions you can ask, first impression, appearance & what to wear, other paper works required and more.

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