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Community Child Care Special Circumstances Fund

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Community Child Care Special Circumstances Fund CFA Media

The Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) includes Special Circumstances funding to support child care providers experiencing financial viability issues as a result of COVID-19, for example, withdrawals, reduced enrolments or service closures.

This grant funding is to help cover business costs, including wages, to ensure services impacted by COVID-19 can continue to operate.

Eligible child care services can apply for Special Circumstances funding to respond to an unforeseen event such as a natural disaster, weather events such as drought, bushfire, flood, coronavirus pandemic or another unforeseen event or circumstance which would result in market failure for the community.

The amount of funding provided to applicants will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the activity being funded and the circumstances of the applicant. Funding provided under this grant opportunity is intended to be one-off and short-term.

Which services are eligible to apply for Special Circumstances funding?

To be eligible to apply for Special Circumstances funding you must demonstrate that you are:

  • an approved provider under Family Assistance Law AND
  • operating in a disadvantaged or vulnerable community AND
  • at risk of closure due to an unforeseen event or circumstance, such as a natural disaster or extreme weather event OR
  • at risk of permanent closure due to another event or circumstance, where that closure would result in a lack of suitable child care for the community OR
  • seeking to commence a new service in a community where another service has closed, resulting in a lack of suitable child care, and the new service will require funding to establish a viable operation.

Eligible Grant Activities

Special Circumstances grants can be used for activities such as:

  • implementing changes to business practices and/or models
  • temporarily meeting standard child care operating costs
  • helping with additional costs as a result of the unforeseen event or circumstance
  • addressing health and safety requirements, directly related to an unforeseen event
  • other reasonable activities, as agreed with the department, to ensure continuity of child care is maintained
  • activities that respond to the needs of the child care community, such as additional transport services, family engagement and other support activities.

The following are examples of activities grant funding cannot be used for:

  • activities not related to the delivery of child care services
  • activities that are already fully funded by the CCCF program or any other government source or program
  • activities that have already occurred
  • any expense that is claimable under the service’s insurance policy.

How to apply? 

To apply for special circumstances funding you will need to complete an application form. The form you complete will depend on whether you are seeking funding up to $10,000 or more than $10,000 (excluding GST). 

All applications must nominate the period which the application is covering no more than 4 weeks in arrears. Applications for subsequent periods of support will be accepted.

Fill out the following to apply: Community Child Care Fund Special Circumstances COVID 19 Application Form

The assessment process

Your request for Special Circumstance funding will be assessed by an officer of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. You will be advised of the outcome of the process by email.

State and territory health authorities are responsible for wider decisions that may affect services. Services should respond to advise from their state or territory health authority on all matters related to COVID-19, which will be informed by the advice of Australia’s Chief Medical Officer.

Further information and enquiries

  • Please refer to the CCCF Special Circumstances Grant Opportunity Guidelines for further details on eligibility, assessment criteria and reporting requirements.
  • Further enquiries about this grant opportunity can be emailed to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment at

Community Child Care Fund Special Circumstances funding, Department Of Education, Skills and Employment

Disclaimer: The information is correct at the time of publishing. 

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