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Call and Response Ideas To Gain Children's Attention

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Call and Response Ideas To Gain Children's Attention Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

During the day when the children are actively engaged in their learning experiences, there may be times when you need to gain their attention to convey what's happening next.

Here is a list of call and response ideas to teach the children - you say the "call" while the children "respond":

  • Educator: Hocus Pocus
    Children: Everybody Focus!
  • Educator: Macaroni and cheese
    Children: Everybody Freeze
  • Educator: Chicka, chicka
    Children: Boom, boom
  • Educator: Chugga, chugga
    Children: Choo, choo
  • Educator: Hands on top
    Children: Everybody stop
  • Educator: 1, 2, 3, eyes on me
    Children: 1, 2 eyes on you!
  • Educator: Magic Finger in the air
    Children: Magic finger everywhere!
  • Educator: Magic finger on your hips
    Children: Magic finger on your lipsssssss
  • Educator: Shark bait
    Children: Ooh ha ha
  • Educator: Scooby, dooby doo
    Children: Where are you?
  • Educator: Hands on top *place hands on head*
    Children: Everybody stop
  • Educator: Snap, crackle and pop
    Children: That means stop!
  • Educator: Marco…
    Children: Polo
  • Educator: Eeny Meeny…
    Children: Miny Mo!
  • Educator: All eyes on me…
    Children: I’m all ears!
  • Educator: Zip it, lock it…
    Children: Put it in your pocket!

Using call and response is a fun and easy way to quickly get the children to stop what they are doing and focus their attention on you.

Created On March 20, 2021 Last modified on Saturday, March 20, 2021
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