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Educator To Child Ratio Calculator To Calculate Minimum Number Of Educators Required

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Educator To Child Ratio Calculator To Calculate Minimum Number Of Educators Required Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

The Educator To Child Ratio Calculator calculates the minimum number of educators and ECT requirements, in a centre-based service must have based on a given number of children at any point in time and the age mix.

ACECQA, working with all state and territory regulatory authorities, has developed an online calculator to help simplify calculations across centre-based services.

To be counted in the required educator-to-child ratio, educators must:

  • be working directly with children to be counted in the educator to child ratios. Working directly with children means being physically present with the children and directly involved in providing education and care to those children; and where required, hold or be actively working towards an approved qualification.
  • In addition to meeting the required educator-to-child ratios, adequate supervision of children must be maintained at all times.

This calculator is a guide only. Results are based on the accuracy of the information entered and do not take into consideration some specific circumstances, such as a service having a staffing waiver in force.

The required educator-to-child ratios for education and care services are set out in the National Regulations, including requirements for early childhood teachers (ECTs).

Click the following, to use: Educator To Child Ratio Calculator

New Educator-To-Child Ratio Calculator For Centre-Based Services, ACECQA Newsletter Issue 3 2021

Created On March 26, 2021 Last modified on Friday, March 26, 2021
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