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50% Of Educators Within A Service Must Be Diploma Qualified Or Higher

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50% Of Educators Within A Service Must Be Diploma Qualified Or Higher

Under regulation 126 of the National Regulations, qualification requirements for educators at a centre-based service, 50% of educators must have or be actively working towards, an approved diploma level education and care qualification (or higher).

Under the NQF, a person is considered a diploma qualified educator if they:

  • hold an approved diploma level qualification, OR
  • hold a former approved diploma level qualification completed before 1 January 2012 OR
  • hold a qualification that ACECQA has assessed as equivalent to an approved diploma level educator qualification.

If an individual is ‘actively working towards’ an approved diploma level qualification, they may be counted as a diploma level educator, if they meet the requirements under the 'actively working towards' provisions.

For more information: Actively Working Towards A Cert 3, Diploma Or ECT Qualification

The roles and responsibilities of a diploma level educator may include, but are not limited to:

  • supporting and leading children's learning and development
  • designing, planning, implementing and evaluating educational programs and practices, including following and
  • implementing an approved learning framework
  • supporting the health, wellbeing, learning and development of children
  • working with community members and external agencies
  • providing leadership and support
  • leading and contributing to the delivery of National Quality Standard requirements
  • managing a variety of education and care services, and ensuring compliance with service policies and national and/or state-based legislation.

The Education and Care Services National Regulations do not specify what roles or responsibilities a diploma level educator must undertake. This is up to the approved provider of each education and care service.

All other educators required to meet the relevant educator to child ratios at the service must hold, or be actively working towards at least an approved certificate III level education and care qualification.

The qualification requirements do not apply to an educator if the educator has been employed by an approved provider on a probationary basis for not more than 3 months, at one or more centre-based services operated by the approved provide (does not apply in relation to New South Wales).

Qualifications For Centre-Based Services With Children Preschool Age Or Under, ACECQA

Created On October 10, 2020
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